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What It's Really Like Being A Go-Go Dancer For A Club
When you're paid to dance in scandalous, next-to-nothing clothing for a living, people are quick to judge what you do. However, money can make being a go-go dancer worth it, despite the opinions of others. Follow along as these 16 individuals open up about what their job as a go-go dancer looks like. From misconceptions to secrets, here's what they had to say.

You think you know, but you have no idea.

Just because I'm a go-go dancer doesn't mean I'm sleazy. I'm educated, married, and have won teacher of the year three years in a row.

An interesting process.

I interviewed 3 potential employees today. I'm a go-go dancer and I manage other dancers. I did all of the interviews in my underwear.

Why not?

I'm a go-go dancer at night and a high-powered lawyer by day. I love it.

Hey, it pays the bills.

I'm a go-go dancer. It paid for my criminal justice degree, my car, and when I apply to law school that will be paid for too.

Money can make people do a lot of things.

My family doesn't know that when I don't work on the rig, I'm a go-go boy in a gay club. I'm straight, it just pays well!

Sometimes things work out for the best.

I just lost my job a week ago and now I'm a go-go dancer making even more money than before!