I just figured out I'm pregnant for the second time. My husband pretended to be happy, but I later found out he gave me food poisoning in an effort to get rid of the baby. Divorce coming soon.

Timing is everything.

Just before our divorce was complete, me and my ex husband slept together and I ended up pregnant.

Knowing your worth is half the battle.

Going through a divorce while pregnant is hard...until you realize your worth and how much better off you are.

Such a bummer during such a happy time.

I'm 39 weeks pregnant. My husband and I are getting a divorce. He said he wants a paternity test, so I'm not putting his name on the birth certificate. How dare he accuse me of cheating.

So much stress.

Getting a divorce this year and I'm pregnant with my soon to be ex husband's baby. We also have a 2 year old. I have to restart my life as a single mom.... FML

Some people just can't catch a break.

Today I found out I have masses in my right kidney and my white blood cells are high. I'm 9 months pregnant and have a toddler, while going through a divorce. This is too much, I'm so scared.