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Thoughtful Acts People Secretly Do For The Homeless
Does anyone ever look at the homeless people on the side of the road and wish that you could really help them? These people actually do.

I steal the hotel soaps 
and shampoos to donate to homeless shelters.
When I was in high school, we had 30 min for lunch. I would take mine and run a mile down the road and give it to a homeless man. I did this every other day until I graduated. He came to my graduation.
There's a homeless boy that goes to my school, his mother and father died in a house fire a few months ago, he doesn't know I'm the one slipping $100 into his locker at the beginning of the month.
I gave a homeless man $2 and as I handed it over a guy walking by goes 'he's just gonna buy drugs' so I said 'well in that case I better give him $10 so he can get the good shit'
I recently got divorced. Was homeless with a newborn. That week I met a guy. He gave me his well furnished apartment, told me to keep the security deposit and asked landlord to lower the rent. And said, "Good luck starting over!"
I'm a cashier at chick-Fil-a, and i steel coupons  I get and give them to the homeless.
I work for a rental car company and when the weather is bad, I leave all the cars on the lot unlocked so that homeless people can take shelter overnight.
I manage a pizza place, the other day I had a deaf homeless man come bring me a note after close asking for leftover pizza, I didn't have any, but I sure as hell made that man a pizza!
I work at McDonald's. When ever someone messes up on the food I save it and at the end of the day I pass it out to the homeless people.
I gave a homeless guy $20. My friends said he was just going to use it on alcohol. About an hour later we see the same guy with two bags full of soup and bread. Made my night.
I own a bakery and every night give out my overstock to homeless people
I steal shopping carts for homeless people
When I see homeless people I give them weed and some money.. Always puts a smile on their face
Just witnessed a 7 year old girl scout stop and hand deliver boxes of cookies to a homeless woman. Faith in humanity restored.
For the past 7 month, I have been having dinner every Tuesday night with a homeless man I met on the street. 

He's the best company I've ever had and has become an honest friend
My boy friend rented a motel for a week for a homeless man with his tax returns. I'm so proud of him. :)
This weekend I gave a homeless man my Shoes, Pants, and Jacket at night while i walked home and he sat in the cold.

I'm a 22yr old man.

I cried wishing I could've done more.
The homeless man who I buy coffee for every morning was nowhere to be found today. 
I am scared.
I always order super sized meals at fast food places to give the extra to homeless people
Just bought an old homeless guy a six pack of Coca-Cola, ribs, macaroni and cheese, and potato wedges. He had tears in his eyes, and told me to have a blessed day. My heart just lit up.


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