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16 Chili's Employees Share What Really Goes On At The Restaurant Chain
For customers, Chili's is a casual restaurant that's perfect for a laid back evening. But for employees, Chili's is a much different experience. What's it like working at the chain restaurant? These 16 employees are sharing their behind-the-scenes experiences.

Something to keep in mind.

I work at a Chili's and no matter if it's to go or Dine in-

Freaking tip...

Something to keep in mind.

When you go to Taco Bell, you're paying for just food. You serve yourself. When you go to Chili's you're paying for food and service. So you pay for both. If you don't want to pay for service, there's drive thru next door.

Don't mess with this server.

I work at a Chilis and I spit in customers food all the time because I hate my job

Don't be that customer.

I work at Chili's as a host. On a busy Friday or Saturday night, if you come up to me to check where your name is on the list, I automatically put 3 people in front of you.

Not cool.

I'm sick of working at Chili's because people don't tip! When you don't tip I WORK FOR FREE.

Maybe bring your own silverware...

I work at Chili's as a hostess and I roll silverware in the morning. Most of it has been dropped on the floor or has had dried food picked off of it. I still roll it anyway.