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What It's Like Living With Pounds Of Extra Skin After Significant Weight Loss
When you pictured your weight loss journey, at the end of it you probably envisioned a tight body that shows off all of your hard work. However, when you're losing hundreds of pounds, more often than not you're left with loose skin as a result. These individuals share their experiences as they cope with the extra skin that they're left with after weight loss. Read on for their stories.

Such a letdown.

I hate that I worked hard, lost so much weight and now have extra skin around my stomach. 😞


I am happy to lose more weight but the empty skin is starting to overwhelm me. 

67lbs of extra skin.

345lbs lost.

Insecurities brew.

I've lost a lot of weight and I look good again but I have extra skin that just hangs down. It's so disgusting to look at and it's embarrassing. I don't think I can ever get naked in front of a guy again.

If only you could go back to that.

I may have lost just about all of the baby weight from my pregnancy but my stomach looks horrible and I hate my extra skin from it. I miss my pre-baby body.

You're sticking with those healthy habits.

I was the fat girl, and a few years ago I decided to get my life together and lose weight. I lost 100+ pounds but now I have extra skin. I hate my body now more than ever but I'd never go back.

It's an awful feeling.

I've lost so much weight. I went from 289lbs to 148lbs. I should feel great but my body is ruined from all the extra skin... the sad part is that I'm only 25.