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I Am Ashamed Of My Race, This Is Why
"Ghetto Hispanics make me sad to be Hispanic"

as a white person, I'm ashamed of my race. I'm ashamed to be included in a group responsible for countless acts of violence and racism and I feel powerless as to how to stop it.
I'm Native American and I am so ashamed of my race. I haven't always been but now that I moved to the city I realize how different we are and I wish I wasn't who I am.
These are the days I am ashamed of my race, BLM is starting a race war, I don't want to be on their side
When Donald Trump said Latino's are bad people it made me feel ashamed of my race and culture and no one should feel ashamed of were they came from. I'm a Mexican
Fellow "black" ppl. He is NOT my "white boyfriend", he's just my boyfriend.

I'm ashamed of my race, we are the most racist races there is
As a white person, I can honestly say I am ashamed of my race. We are seen as oppressors. We are given the upper hand in bias situations. It makes me sick too my stomach. I'm just not proud.
I am a black male
I am ashamed of my race
Our ancestors went through hell
For what, For us to join gangs, do drugs, kill each other, fight,dropout, twerk in the snow 
PS:I said most
Better urself
I was always ashamed of my race. But as I started to hang around with right people, i embrace it!

I'm Asian
I know I shouldnt feel ashamed of my race- but apparently pale isnt pretty...
I'm ashamed of my race and I wish it wasn't obvious what I am.
My skin color is the reason I why guys don't like me. I have never been so ashamed of my ethnicity...
I'm African-American and sometimes embarrassed of my race. I hate seeing "ghetto" and "ignorant" people representing us as a whole.
Really low class ignorant ghetto Hispanic people make me ashamed to be Hispanic myself
I lie and tell people I'm Middle Eastern because I'm ashamed of being Mexican
Does anybody else ever feel ashamed of being black like sometimes the world just makes me feel like I have to apologize for being born. I just want out of this crap.
My Secret: I wear gloves, long sleeves, and hoodies because I'm ashamed of being black.
I refer to myself as an American even though, I'm Puerto Rican born. I HATE my own race & I am embarrassed of being Puerto Rican because of how bad of a name most give others with their stupidity.🇺🇸
Is it weird that I hate my own race?

I think that arabs try really hard to be hated.
I sometimes hate being Asian. I have a habit of comparing to other Asians based on intelligence and feeling like a failure.
When I was younger I remember opening my eyes really big because I was ashamed of being Asian.


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