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16 People Open Up About Marrying Their First Kiss
Most people can remember the details of their first kiss. Whether it was awkward or sweet, this iconic moment in your life is hard to forget. It's even harder to forget when you're married to the first person you kissed! For these people, it's a reality they can relate to all too well as they have married their first kiss. Sounds too good to be true? These confessions will fill you in on all the crazy details.

There's no wrong way to live.

I was a late bloomer. I didn't kiss any one until I was 19 and now here I am married to my first kiss two years later.

Who knew?

I lost my virginity the same year I had my first kiss. We are getting married in February next year

The downside to sticking to one man.

I married the first man I kissed. I didn't know he was terrible at it until after I divorced him, 13 years later

We all want what we can't have.

I met my hubby in college. He was my first kiss. After college, I worked and traveled. We reconnected via FB, got married and had a kid. I live the white picket fence life. Why do I feel something is missing?

Everyone has their own path.

Had my first kiss at almost 21...and I married him. I was his first girlfriend. My advice to late bloomers: it will happen when it's right!

So romantic!

I lost my virginity to my husband (before we were married) under the stars in the field where we had our first kiss. It's the best memory I have.