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20 Weirdest Things People With Crushes Do That They'd Never Admit Out Loud
Everyone knows that having a crush is actually an awful experience. You might as well throw yourself in front of a bus for the same effect. 0/10, would not recommend. Having a crush means constantly thinking about them even when you don't want to, obsessing over everything they do, unable to tear yourself away from their Instagram feed. It turns even the most emotionally stable person into an insane stalker creep. If you can avoid crushing on anyone, it's probably your safest bet.

Feels like somebody's watching me...

Sometimes to make myself feel better I pretend my crush is watching me do things while I'm home alone


sometimes i sing love duets and pretend my crush is singing the guy part

Raise your hand if you've ever had dirty fantasies involving your crush. Everyone's hand should be up.

When I undress to go to sleep I do it on my bed, while I imagine my crush doing it.
Ive just realised my brain refuses to let me imagine my crush in clothing. Like ever

Before you judge, just remember it's the same thing as normal fantasizing, just written down!

I secretly make fanfiction about me and my crush, yep, you are allowed to call me weird

Got to make sure he gets there safe and sound!

I secretly follow my crush to his bus and make sure he gets on it safely