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What Parents Really Think About The Way Their Kids Look
When a baby enters the world, one of the first things people mention is whether the child looks like mom and dad. While most children will have features that resemble one or both parents, there are others who look totally different. These 18 parents aren't holding anything back as they reveal what they REALLY think about their child's looks. From an adorable mini-me to a Honey Boo Boo look-alike, here are their honest confessions.

Fingers crossed...

My son was conceived at a time when I cheated on his father. Son looks like a mix between the three of us,  I just hope he will never need to find out the man he calls dad may not be his bio dad.


My boyfriend said my daughter looks like honey boo boo 😣 do you know how bad I wanted to hit him...

Weirdly flattering.

I get sperm donor requests quite often simply because of how beautiful my daughter is and the fact that she looks like me!!!

Not cool.

My wife called my daughter ugly because she said she looks like her mother. It's so wrong for her to even go there.

Sounds complicated.

I married my husband after the birth of our son. We split up then got back together when I got pregnant. I was positive he was the father, but my son looks like the other guy I slept with...

If only they knew...

The family keeps saying how much my son looks like me.  But me and my girlfriend are the only ones that know he ain't mine