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19 Scandalous Confessions From Couples Who Gave Each Other A "Free Pass"
Do people actually give their partners a "free pass" and openly hook up with another person outside of their committed relationship? While it sounds crazy, there are people who give their significant other that opportunity for a number of different reasons. These 19 people detail how the scandalous ways they used the "free pass" their partner gave them. Here's what they had to say.

Sometimes a "free pass" can do wonders for a relationship.

My fiancé has always said I was free to hookup with women because he doesn't consider that cheating. I never used that free pass until today. I hooked up with my coworker in the fitting room at work.

It's not always the way you imagined it would be.

Gave my gf a free pass and she used it. I thought it wouldn't be so bad, but I heard everything. Every now and then I still feel the pain.

Some take real advantage of it.

My wife gave me a one time "free pass" and I used that "pass" on 5 different girls.

She'll never have to wonder "what if?"

My boyfriend gave me a free pass to explore my bisexuality so that I can know I'm not going to be missing out in the rest of my life with just him. I used the free pass and we are so much closer.

This is quite the gift.

My boyfriend gave me a "free pass" to mess around with a girl. He knows I'm bi and haven't been with a girl so I'm thankful.

One person can end up hurt.

My husband asked to kiss a girl he used to like saying this is his free pass. I want to trust him but it hurts more than I thought.