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True Life: Why I'm Hiding My Relationship
When you're in a happy relationship, you want to tell everyone about it... right? For these couples, they want to keep their good news locked up. Unfortunately, some people have to hide their partners from the world for a number of different reasons. These confessions reveal why these couples are choosing to hide their relationships from the world. Who knows what the people in your life are hiding from you!

Haters gonna hate.

I have been hiding my relationship with my girlfriend from my family for 3 months. I'm nervous that my family will think I'm going through a "phase" again. I came out as bi 4-5 years ago.


I have been hiding my relationship with my boyfriend from my parents for over two years now because I'm not allowed to date. Now I am pregnant. Looks like they will be finding out the worst way possible.

What a scandal!

Hiding my relationship because my ex is crazy... and I'm dating their best friend. Word can't get out about us.

Sneaky sneaky.

My girlfriend and I are keeping our relationship a secret so that we can still have sleepovers without our parents making us sleep in separate rooms. We're lesbians :)

Living a lie is no fun.

Keeping my relationship a secret has been getting too difficult. I think I might have to tell my parents and I'm scared.

It can get so draining.

I have been hiding my relationship from my parents for almost a year. We screwed up once and ever since then I had to hide it to be with him. It kills me keeping it a secret.