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16 Cancer Patients Get Real About Cancer Returning After Remission
Having cancer is one of the most difficult things anyone can go through. The physical and emotional pain is extremely taxing. It feels like a miracle when someone goes into remission. Being cancer free feels like the end of the road and a sweet ending to a bad dream. However, cancer doesn't always end at remission. It is quite common for cancer to return to those who are in remission. The heartbreaking discovery that you have cancer again is beyond devastating. It's hard on your loved ones too. It's a frustrating situation where no one wins. These heart wrenching confessions convey how it really feels when cancer finds it's way back to you.


Scared to tell my friends my cancer came back, mostly because the doctor said this time my body won't fight it away.

Not less of a woman at all.

The cancer has returned. 
They have to remove the rest of my ovaries.
I feel like less of a woman and am scared no man will love me.
I hate emotions sometimes

When it rains, it pours.

Just got the news my cancer came back.

My 4th time in remission.

I'm so done fighting..


I'm hiding the fact that my cancer came back from my family because of my dad's heart condition.

If he couldn't love you through cancer, he wasn't for you.

I found the screenshots of texts between my ex and I. We were so crazy in love, but he fell out of love with me because my cancer came back. It's been months since then and the pain just gets worse.

Should be the response for everyone's partner.

My bone cancer came back and my bf said he doesn't care what I have to do to get rid of it and that he'll never leave me and always love me. I seriously want to marry this man!