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These Women Had No Idea They Were Pregnant. What They Did Next Was Crazy
How could a woman not know that she was pregnant months after the fact? While the discovery is shocking to say the least, there are a number of reasons why pregnancy isn't as obvious as one might think. These 15 women share their experiences with finding out that they were pregnant months down the road. Here's what they had to say about it.

Some women don't realize they're pregnant until months down the road.

I smoked weed almost 3 months into my pregnancy I didn't know I was pregnant though. I stopped after I found out.

Not everyone is ready to be a parent.

I haven't had periods for a few years due to my birth control so I didn't know I was pregnant until about 7 months along. I'm not ready to be a mom so I'm giving it up for adoption.


2 months pregnant but drank a bit while I didn't know. I'm worried my baby is unhealthy.

It's a lot to take in.

I remember being pregnant, I was so scared but excited. And well I didn't know I was until I was 5 months along so I had a lot of mixed emotions. My son was 3 months early too.

Simple case of misdiagnosis.

I didn't know i was pregnant until 7 months in. When I went to the doctors while I was feeling sick they told me it was symptoms of IBS instead.

Birth control was supposed to prevent pregnancy.

I was on birth control and it failed. I didn't know I was pregnant until about 7 months along. I was going to do adoption, but 95% of my family threatened to disown me if I didn't keep him.