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16 Things You Don't Know About Being A Female MMA Fighter
What is a day in the life of a female mixed martial arts fighter? Even though women are gaining the recognition they deserve in the world of fighting, it's not without its challenges. These 16 female fighters open up about the pros and cons of being in their trade. Find out the struggles they face in the male-dominated field.

Don't think you can push a female MMA fighter around.

I'm a female & I have been doing MMA for 10 years. I have fought people who have tried to mess with my friends and family.
So apparently girls doing mma is not real. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm a female and kick butt in mma.

Being female doesn't hold you back.

I'm a female UFC fighter, and when I once battled my male friend a woman tried to stop us just because it's 'not okay to hit a girl'. That's what angered me the most.
If someone hits me I'm not just going to let them hit me. I'm a female MMA fighter. Someone hit me at a fair the one time. They left with a broken nose.

But there's a time and place for it.

I'm a girl and I've been doing MMA for ten years. No, I will not kick someone's butt for you. I use my abilities for defense not to abuse it.
Other girls bully me at work, enough to make me cry.  I'm a female MMA fighter of 6 years, but I'd rather let them say things than try talking to them and letting the anger get to be physical.