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Couples Confess Their 14 Most Random Turn-Ons
Everybody has their thing that gets them going in the bedroom. But sometimes, what's sexier than being sexy is the simple things men and women do for their partner. Coming home to a clean house? Yes please. A man who knows his way around the grocery store? I'll take three. People with ambition who are working to better themselves? Now we're getting hot and bothered. Being sexy is more than just a hot body and seductive words. Having your life together will take you a lot farther than you think.

Get you a man who knows the difference between turmeric and paprika.

You know you're getting old when a man doing the grocery shopping is a turn on!

Oh you did the whites? And folded?

When you reach the part in your relationship when he mentions helping with laundry and it becomes a turn on...

When the risotto is cold...

I sometimes imagine Gordon Ramsay shouting at me, it's kind of a turn on

Seeing a daddy being daddy AF is remarkable.

Seeing guys with paternal instincts is such a turn on.

The way one speaks can go a long way.

Proper grammar is a turn on. Like when I hear a guy speak and he doesn't split an infinitive or end sentences with a preposition... oooh baby.

Girls go crazy for a sharp-dressed man.

Guys in suits are my weakness. Especially when they take off their jacket and roll up their sleeves. Such a turn on.😍