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Teens Tell All: My Parent's Having A Midlife Crisis
Not everyone gets wiser with age. Some people completely freak out and have what some people call a 'midlife crisis.' This is when middle aged people act out and rebel against growing old in a sense. Everyone acts differently when this happens. From hilarious, to life altering to down right crazy- this is what these children witnessed during their parents midlife crisis.


My dad just sold his house and 5 motorcycles, gave away the dogs and bought a NEW motorcycle. He told me he would be back in a year or 2 or never. 
Midlife crisis much?

Wait, WHAT!?

My mom wrote a dinosaur erotica and ordered a 100 copies of it from Createspace. Her midlife crisis is the weirdest I've ever heard.

Not good.

My mom is having a midlife crisis and randomly goes on vacation for weeks, leaving me with my 2 little brothers. That started 6 years ago and I'm now 18. They call me mom sometimes.


So tired of my dad constantly getting new girlfriends. He needs to get over this midlife crisis crap.

A permanent decision!

My dad had a baby with another woman who was 20 years younger than him during his midlife crisis...

When the roles reverse.

I think my mom is going through a midlife crisis. She's 40, going to clubs and buying more clothes for herself than for my brother. She's acting like an annoying teenager. I'm 19 and I don't act like that.