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17 Shocking Reasons People Are Hiding A Secret Bank Account From Their Partners
It's never good to keep secrets from your significant other, let alone a large sum of money they know nothing about. However, over the years, people in relationships have discovered that person they thought they were in love with isn't the person with who they want to spend forever. It's also no secret that some individuals are flat-out terrible with handling money. Thus the need for opening a secret bank account. Sure, it's unfortunate that these people are hiding something super important from someone they share a life with, but sometimes it's in the best interest to keep secret your rainy day fund. After all, you never know what life may throw at you unexpectedly.

Someone is in for a huge surprise.

My wife doesn't know that I won the lottery 7 years ago before we were married. I have a secret bank account. Going to surprise her for Christmas. Scared she might get mad.

Some people are terrible with money.

I have a secret bank account under my name and I keep stashing cash in it from my salary behind my wife's back because I don't trust her with money.

Always be prepared.

I have a secret bank account so if my husband cheats again I will have money to leave

Sounds steamy.

I write erotica and the money I make from it goes to a secret bank account my husband doesn't know about.

"Honey can I borrow 5 dollars?"

I have a secret bank account that my husband doesn't know about and I pretend to be broke all the time.

You never know when you need to run away.

My husband would know if I opened up a secret bank account so I have a change jar filled with cash hidden in one of my purses in my closet. I call it my "In case I want to run away" fund.