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The Scariest Stories About Being Trapped Inside A Public Place
"I got locked inside a library in Russia"

I got locked inside a library in Russia. The language barrier did not help things. My husband had to bring an interpreter to assist me. They thought I was stealing.
I got locked in a bathroom in Greece once. I was so jet lagged I just made a nest from some towels and waited to be rescued.
I went to a midnight game release and had to poop real bad, a worker at a nearby womens clothing store let me in to use the bathroom and forgot about me. The cops came later and let me out
Locker room at a soccer game, my coach asked me to fill the water bottles and next thing i know i'm locked in, he actually really hated me and i still sorta feel like he did it on purpose.
I fell asleep in the pub toilet. Woke up when all the staff were clearing up.
My parents and I got locked in Magic Kingdom in Disney World for. After 2 hours we finally found a security guard to get us back to our hotel.
I got locked in a pantry cuz I was too fat so they couldn't open the door
Once got trapped in Walmart when I was shopping with my earbuds in and didn't notice that it was closing.
My ex has been locked in his own homedepot so he had to break himself out. He had bad anxiety when he came home. I had to comfort him lol
I was locked in the school lmao. Had a break down bc of depression and was put in a 'recovery room' and fell asleep. Woke up 10pm completely alone.
Antique furniture store. 

And they set the alarm. 

It went off when we went down stairs.
When I was younger, I once got locked inside the bathroom on a train cause I couldn't figure out how the lock worked. I was banging on the door and screaming for help to get out...
I got locked in IKEA overnight because I got lost in that maze they call a store. I sat in a bean bag chair in the front of the store until morning
I had an epileptic seizure in my school library and no one noticed. When I gained consciousness back, I was locked inside.
This happened to some guy in my town last week 😂 he fell asleep and got locked inside a laundromat. Called 911 and Turns out the door was just broken
I once got stuck in a band locker and my friend didn't help, she took pictures instead. 

(this is the real picture)
Yeah as a kid in IKEA..I ate so many cookies there because it took them so long to find me and i was hungry
I got locked in a church once. On the plus side, they had communion wafers and wine.
Once i got locked in my school because one of my bullies knocked me out
I got locked up at school in 9th grade and my phone was dead so I spent the night in the cafeteria.


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