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Nightclub Employees Get Real About What Their Jobs Are Really Like
If you are of age, there's a solid chance you've been to a nightclub. Whether it was for great or horrible reasons, it was probably a memorable evening. A night out at one of these establishments provides plenty of opportunities for mischief and bad behavior. A small majority of club attendees are the ones running the show on a nightly basis. This certainly isn't your 9-5 gig. These confessions will show you what it's really like to make your income at a nightclub.

Uh oh.

I work at a nightclub, it's the best job I've ever had. Only problem is that every shift, my faith to my partner is tempted.

Weird indeed.

Every bouncer I know has had very abusive childhoods or relationships. Really weird to think. I work at a nightclub.

What a TERRIBLE thing to do.

The nightclub I work in gives away free condoms. I poke holes through random ones when im refilling them. I keep a safety pin on my staff lanyard specifically for it lol.


I work at a nightclub. I always make sure I go on dates on Sunday so I can leave my eye makeup on! #noshame

What a scary world we live in.

NEVER put a drink down in a bar!! I work in the nightclub security industry. It's bad!


Male customers always get put off when I refuse to give my number out at the nightclub I work at. I have a bf. I'm just trying to be a sweet and helpful waitress, but they don't tip me just for that.