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I Love Being A Stepparent. Here's Why
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Despite the challenges, it's great.

I love being a step mom, truly means the world to me. Being able to love a child as much as their parents is so powerful. I just wish she would try to get along with me for his sake

The struggle.

I love being a stepmom. I hate not getting any of the glory or recognition that 'real' moms get. I realize that I didn't give birth, but I've raised him too! Why can't I be in the club?


I love being a step mom. But sometimes it's really hard work.


I love being a step mom but we never get the kids. In the 3 years we've been together we've had them twice


I was asked  how can I love a child that is not mine. It's very easy because I love being a step mom. He's 4 and all he knows is that he loves mommy and mommy loves him.

That's all that matters.

I love being a step-dad. I love them like they were my own