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I'm A Sex Therapist. This Is What My Job Is Really Like
When you hear the term "sex therapist," a variety of thoughts may populate your mind. It is certainly not your typical 9-to-5 office gig. Is it really as juicy and scandalous as you think it is? These 19 sex therapists get real about what their job is really like, and how their personal life is nothing like what their patients might assume. Their answers may surprise you.

A misunderstanding.

Sex therapist here. People seem to think I'm swinging from chandeliers during sex. Idk what they think I studied. Been w/ my bf 10 years. We're very happy, but not wild.I let them think I'm a crazy minx anyways.

Fun fact.

I've worked as a professional sex therapist and I have seen almost everything. Even quadriplegics can have a sex life. Your brain is your biggest sex organ.
I'm a sex therapist and I see many non-traditional marriages and I can truly say they are the most open, honest, communicative, and solid marriages. Disregard all the negativity.
As a sex therapist, the lack of basic sexual knowledge that I see scares me to death!

Not as crazy as you might think.

I am a sex therapist and its very emotionally taxing. It's not just all sex & romance, it's dealing with partners who have fallen out of love with each other. Many of my clients are very depressed.

An open mind and an open heart can get you far.

I'm a sex therapist and I share this advice with every patient I have - man or woman. Your pleasure is your own responsibility. Your partner cannot force you into liking what they do. So be open.