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Adopted Kids Open Up About Desires To Find Their Birth Parents
A question that needs an answer

I am adopted and searching for my birth parents. I am terrified they won't want to meet me.
I'm 20 and still don't know how to ask my parents to give me information on my birth parents. Especially my mom, I don't want her to feel like she's not good enough.
I was adopted and have been on and off searching for my birth mom but I wanna give up . I'm tired of being disappointed, and tired of crying
Frustrated doesn't even begin to explain how I feel. All I ever wanted was to find my birth parents and 3 different searchers said they can't help me. I don't know where to turn.
I'm adopted. I've been trying to meet my birth mom for over a year. She doesn't want to meet me, but I still love her.
My adoptive parents don't want me to know who my birth parents are. I went behind their back and got all the information I need. I don't even feel guilty.
I want to find my birth parents... not because I don't love my adopted family but because I want to know them too. And to see if I have any siblings.
The search is over ... After 21 years... I have finally found my birth mom. 
I want to give her a second chance at something she never got to have ...
A family.
I'm adopted and I found my birth mother... Apparently my birth father fled as soon as he knew my birth mom was pregnant. I should hate him but I want to meet him still :/
I got a letter saying my birth parents didn't want to meet me. I've never felt so rejected before.
I found my birth mother after 14 years of looking. I sent her a picture of her grandson and then she stopped talking to me. I'm crushed.
I found my birth mom on Facebook but sometimes I wish I hadn't. She kept my older sister.
I have a constant debate with myself whether or not I want to meet my birth parents. 

I don't want to hurt the parents that raised me.
I'm adopted and want to meet my birth parents but I'm worried that I'll hurt my real parents if I express these wishes even though I'm sure they'd support me in anything.
I want to track down my birth parents and family. Not necessarily so I can meet them but mostly because I'm really curious and want to know more about them without them knowing me. THEN I'll decide if I want to meet them. 
When I found my birth parents I was disappointed I wonder if they were too?
I still cling to the hope of seeing my birth mother.. I've been looking for 20 years. I also cling to the terror that she doesn't love or want me..
My birth mom was a drug addict and sometimes I wonder if she is alive and looking for me
I was adopted from Russia as a baby. I've spent the last 6 years searching for my birth mother but now I've found her and I don't know what to do.
I'm searching for my birth mother and father and my foster parents don't know about it


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