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19 Lesbians Admit Why They're Afraid To Get Intimate With Other Women
"I'm scared that I think I'll do it wrong."

As a lesbian that fully came out of the closet last year, I'm absolutely so scared to initiate sex.
Is it bad that I want to experience lesbian sex before I have it with my girlfriend because I'm scared that I'm bad?
Never had lesbian sex, but I had some girlfriends, idk why but I get nervous (actually I know but it is just that I'm scared of not being good enough I got tiny fingers)
I'm in a weird position where I need lesbian sex so badly... But I'm also too scared to have it
So I plan on being a closet lesbian forever, I'm scared of sex anyway
Is it weird that I'm scared of having sex ..... idk why .... just the thought of my body .... and me not doing it right scares me