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Divorce Lawyers Share How They Really Feel About Marriage And Their Jobs
You see a lot of unhappy people working as a divorce lawyer. People seek your services once their marriages have failed and they need help getting out. Uplifting, right? So what do divorce lawyers really think about marriage, divorce and what they do for a living? These divorce lawyers reveal their raw feelings on the matter. Their confessions and outlooks may surprise you.

Supporting equality for all the wrong reasons.

I support gay marriage.

I'm a divorce lawyer. More business for me!

Oh, the irony....

I married one of my clients. Then got divorced 3 years later. I should've seen it coming. 
(I'm a divorce lawyer!)


I'm a divorce lawyer and I boned and finished in my client yesterday at my house right before representing her at her final hearing.


Not going to lie, as a divorce lawyer, I've hooked up with two of my clients after their divorce was finalized.

Sad but true.

Being a divorce lawyer, I'm thankful for people's stupidity. It sadly makes my job easier sometimes.


As a divorce lawyer, I can tell that neither of the parties is ever truly happy with a divorce.