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Bosses Tell All: Why I Secretly Despise Some Of My Employees
Does your boss secretly hate you? As a boss, you're expected to stay professional even in the most trying times but that doesn't mean that you don't have employees who seem to constantly rub you the wrong way. You're only human, as these bosses show. Find out what they REALLY think about their employees, as they open up and spill their secrets about the staff members they can't stand.

As a boss, sometimes employees get under your skin.

My new employee at my work has the same name as my ex boyfriend's new girlfriend. I don't like the new employee because of her name and I feel bad.
Last time I checked I was the senior employee, and you were the temp. I admire how you immerse yourself in your work but I don't like how you defensively argue with me every time I open my mouth.

Kind of inappropriate.

My employee calls me mom because he gets the "disappointed mom look" at least once per shift. It really bothers me and I'm starting not to like him.

Good riddance.

As a manager I don't like firing people, but today I did not mind. Today i fired the worst employee ever and I'm glad they're gone.

It's not easy.

I'm getting tired of being a manager. Too many obligations, responsibilities, and I don't like my employees.
I hate my employee and my company is terrible. Being a manager is not all it's cracked up to be.