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Me And My Partner Took A Break. This Is What Happened
Every couple has their issues. Sometimes after a fight, you may need some alone time and a chance to regroup. Some people need a whole lot more time than that. For whatever the reason may be, some couples take time apart to evaluate their relationships and collect their thoughts. Some say that this is just one step before breaking up. Others believe it can be beneficial and healthy for both parties. These confessions get up close and personal about may happen when you and bae take some time away.

Sounds like the most secure man ever.

We took a break for 6 months before we got married. 
I’ve seen the guy she was with during that time in the gym showers and honestly thought, 'Wow good for her,’ after seeing it. LOL!


My girlfriend told me all the people she banged when we took a break. I had to turn my head so she didn't see me cry.

Everything for a reason.

In my last relationship, taking a break did help. It helped me find who I really loved. We’re married now. Not the guy I took a break from...the guy I found during a break LOL

Whatever works.

Sleeping with another woman made me realize I did still love my wife, and it saved our marriage. Sometimes taking a break makes all the difference!


I feel bad for my ex. We took a break because he was severely possessive (basically a yandere) and I said I would message him when I felt comfortable. Its been a year.

Some things are just so hard to forget.

My boyfriend had a thing with a girl while we were on a break. We’re now happily back together (for the past 6 months) but I’m scared I’ll never fully get over it because I felt so betrayed.