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17 Men Confess The Biggest Promises They Broke To Their Girlfriends
Breaking a promise is a big deal in any relationship. It destroys trust and takes away meaning from the word itself. These men broke their word to their ladies and their confessions are pretty wild. Some promises are much more serious than others and that much more heartbreaking when broken.

It's her party and she can cry if she wants to.

I promised my girlfriend that I was going to behave myself at her birthday. I ended up by drinking half a bottle of tequila, throwing up all through her garden and passing out.


I promised my girl that I wouldn't go after either of her sisters. 

I've hooked up with them both.

This is a subject you have to absolutely be sure of.

I promised my gf that I wouldn't care if she decided she didn't want kids. Now she says she doesn't, and I can't get over it.


I messed up. After 7 months of being clean, I smoked a cigarette after I promised my girlfriend I never would again. I'm so disappointed in myself right now.

Communication is key.

"No, honey, I won't be mad that you're applying to grad school instead of getting a job and helping with the bills." I didn't think she'd get in until the next year. Now I am pissed off and broke my promise.

Addiction is hard to beat.

I promised her I wouldn't gamble. Still haven't figured out a way to stop.