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Parental Confession: I Think My Baby Is Ugly
As a parent, it is your duty to love and care for your child. You would think that any parent would find their child beautiful. After all, they did create them. Sadly, this is not always the case. These 19 parents are brutally admitting that they don't think their baby is very cute. It's no beauty contest being a baby, but these parents sure know how to turn it into one.

Some genes.

I think my kid is kind of ugly because he has some features from my boyfriend's obnoxious mom.


I think my baby is ugly and I feel guilty about it. I shouldn't have cheated on my husband. The worst part is the he doesn't know it's not his baby...


My kids are ugly because of their mother. I wish they were never born, it's so embarrassing.

Oh boy.

TBH, I think my kid is ugly even though I'll claim he's cute


I sometimes get jealous of my friends because their kids are cuter than mine. Not that mine aren't good looking, just not cute.

Well..that is true.

My baby isn't cute, but he's still my baby.