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17 Heartbreaking Confessions From People Who Were Formerly Homeless

This feels like a huge accomplishment, I can finally pay my bills and rent with one paycheck.
I used to be homeless, this is a big deal for me.
I feel safe for the first time in a really long time
I was homeless for six months. For food, I would walk around the fancy grocery stores and take as many samples as I could. I slept in alleys, but ate like a king.
I'm a teacher. I was homeless for 3 months after I broke up with my boyfriend. I never told anyone. I slept in my car 
and showered at work. 
I didn't take one day off and no one ever knew
I absolutely hate it when people waste food. It just reminds me of when I was homeless and could barely keep myself afloat.
Not many people know I used to be homeless, sometimes it feels like an old story. Sometimes it hurts again. It's been years.
It's been a year since I 
was homeless. I still get excited about lying down 
in my bed at night.