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"I'm Divorcing My Husband Because I Can't Deal With His Career"
20 Couples Being Driven Apart By Their Jobs

I hate when my husband's job makes him do overnight shifts. I hate trying to fall asleep alone.
I hate being called a military spouse. Being in the military is just my husband's job, not our entire world.
My wife's job is a soul-sucking leech. 

I rarely spend time with her because of it. 

I miss her.
My wife's job will lead to us getting a divorce, but we need it's income to keep the house.
I feel like my boyfriend's job is more important than me.. The fact that he's wanted by his colleagues is more important than me needing him.. I miss the old him...
My husband's job is so terrible, that I'd rather he quit and us be broke than him work there any longer.
My husband's career choices make me nervous. Air Force pilot and now a cop. He has a god damn death wish. But I always support him.
Due to my husband's career, I can't be in my profession. I have to go through years of college for another profession. I understand why, but it's so annoying.
My wife's career leaves her cranky and tired. She neglects how she looks and it drives me here so I can flirt with woman.
I think my husband's career path has made him a different person than the one I married. He used to be compassionate, sensitive & Godly. Now not so much. I love him but I don't like the new him.
My husband is a Police Officer & I am 8 months pregnant with our daughter. I fear for his life every time he walks out the door and I am terrified that our daughter will never get to know him.
My husband is a professional musician. Everyone loves going to his gigs/shows. I don't like his singing voice.
My husband is a truck driver, and I'm terrified that every phone call might be our last.
My husband is a lawyer and I make more money than him. I secretly love being the breadwinner.
Everyone who knows my husband is a doctor assumes we have it made. He's still in training, works long hours and makes less than a waiter. I spend my time without him or watching him sleep. It's lonely
It feels like my husband considers his career more important than mine.

We earn the same, and my career path has more room for advancement.
My wife is a teacher but still doesn't understand the appropriate use of apostrophes. I have to proofread all her assignments and newsletters before they go out.
My wife focused on her career for so long now she can't have kids.

I want to get someone pregnant.
My boyfriend works as a bartender and comes home at 4, even 6 in the morning when he has shifts. I can't fall unless he's next to me so I stay up and wait for him everytime
I'm divorcing my husband because I can't deal with his career. 

I love him. But I can't take it.


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