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"My Boyfriend Was Drunk & Asked Me If I Was Single"
Sometimes conversations while intoxicated can be really awkward. But other times they can be really sweet and genuine. When couples get drunk together, they can start sharing intimate details of their lives with each other in an uninhibited way. What's the funniest drunk conversation you've ever had? Read on to find out how these cute couples conversed under the influence.

Simply adorable.

My boyfriend was drunk, I tucked him in bed, kissed him, he pushed me away and said "Back off, I have a girlfriend" 


My boyfriend was drunk and he asked me if I was single lol

Awww <3

While my boyfriend was drunk last night, he let out the idea of him proposing to me in the middle of the dance floor, at the bar we met at. Some might say tacky but the thought makes my heart melt.

Maybe he does?

Last night while my boyfriend was drunk he asked me too move away with him. He said he would pay for everything including college. I said yes. I don't think he remembers.


So my boyfriend was drunk last and and when I was giving him head he said "this is the best pokéstop ever"😂


When my boyfriend was drunk and I was upset and hurt he was trying to reassure me and said: "I don't want my wife to be in pain." I know he was drunk but being called his wife was nice.

Super cute.

My boyfriend was drunk and telling people I'm way out of his league. 

Made me smile :)

HAHA, this is amazing.

My girlfriend was drunk and cried because she found out swans can be gay and thought that was really nice.

The things you learn...

My friends girlfriend was drunk, and going on about how much she liked anal one night. She has no idea how attractive she is to me now.

Pizza & love. What more could you want?

My gf was drunk last night and all she could do was eat pizza and tell me how much she loves me❤️

Can't you both be pretty?

My gf was drunk the other day and said, " you know your the pretty one in our relationship"

Pure honesty.

One time my bf was drunk and told me: "yeah, sometimes there are girls who look good. Of course I look at some of them.But there's no girl that looks as perfect as you do and is as lovely as you are."

An honest (and sweet) mistake.

My bf was drunk I was helping him to get into the car. Suddenly he said "Stay away girl else my gf will kill you"

Confessing all your hopes & fears.

When my boyfriend was drunk he confessed that he was afraid i would fall out of love with him. Sweet darling you are my love forever & always.

Overwhelmed with joy.

last time my bf was drunk he talked about my being a goddess and that I should be worshipped, he was also crying how happy he was to have me
I pet his head till he fell asleep, I couldn't handle it

Spot on.

My BF was drunk and sent me all the lyrics to Drunk in Love by Beyoncé


Boyfriend was drunk so I  tried helping him change for bed, he said NO I HAVE A FIANCEE and pulled out a ring, and said more quietly with a slur said "well not yet"

A real life superhero.

So my boyfriend was drunk and said that he wants to tell me something serious. I cried cause I right he was breaking up with me.

He said "honey I'm spiderman" I cried more

Did you say yes?!

My boyfriend proposed to me when he was drunk at a casino. He remembered and said he meant it.

Feels good.

My boyfriend told me while he was drunk I'm the prettiest girl he's ever dated 😍


“My Dad Had To Open The Door For Drunk Me And A One Night Stand”