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14 Volunteers Reveal What You Should Know Before Joining The Peace Corps
The Peace Corps is an organization that allows people to dive deep into cultures outside of their own and do some good for communities in need. The program may seem attractive for those looking to travel the world and help others, but what is it like actually doing it? These 14 volunteers share their journey with the Peace Corps through their honest confessions. From why they joined to shocking experiences, here's what they had to say.

There's a lot of pride in joining.

I actually did something productive and brave. I joined the Peace Corps and went to the same regions as the military,  unarmed and willing to help. It's something I'm proud of.

You have some unique experiences.

When I was in the Peace Corps I had to help a foreign country undo a mass grave from its former government's atrocity! Definitely a unique experience.

It's not always what you expect.

I joined the peace corps to make a difference. The only thing different is that now I have ptsd, insomnia, and anxiety... 
I wish I had never joined.

Not everyone gets along.

I served in the Peace Corps with some of the most privileged and bougie people I've ever met.

Problems don't just go away.

I joined the Peace Corps because I wanted to run away from my problems.... It didn't work.

Other people may not understand.

Someone called me a hippy for being in the Peace Corps. Um? Okay? Why are you trying to use hippie as an insult? It's like saying "you love too much" LMAO what?