I've had a sex talk with my 5 year old.
Parents should educate their kids while they're young and before it's too late.

Bottoms up!

Had "the talk" with my son. Being a single mom is not easy. Need liquor. Lol

Someones not getting the memo.

Today I tried to talk to my kids about the birds and the bees. My daughter asked what happens if the bee accidentally stings the bird, because it got scared or something....

YouTube for the win!

I had to give the puberty/sex talk to my step daughter today. Thank goodness for YouTube videos. Kind of feel bad for my mom because she didn't have that as a teaching tool. Props mom. Ya did good.

Your child, your choice.

Some moms have really judged me for this, but I don't care. My daughter is 12 and I already had the sex talk with her. I told her when she is ready for that, come to me for birth control. No matter what she does, I'll be there for her.

When the conversation takes a morbid turn.

I'm a doctor. So when I gave my daughter the birds and the bees talk I told her "Don't date diabetics. You'll end up watching the one you love literally fall apart and die before you hit 50."