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15 Belly Dancers Reveal Their Sexiest Secrets Ever
Is belly dancing a dying art? While it's not as common, the sexy dance has its own place in a world focused on strippers and twerking. These 15 belly dancers are setting the record straight, pulling back the curtain to show what it's really like. Find out what they had to say in these eye-opening confessions.

When people hear that you're a belly dancer, there are some stereotypes that come along with it.

I'm a belly dancer
I'm white
People give me hate for it
I now hate the color of my skin

Some love living a double life.

By day I'm a shy quiet girl. By night I'm a belly dancer (alternate name and lots of makeup make me confident in front of my peers)

Is it a dying art?

I'm a belly dancer in a world of strippers and twerkers.

It's hard to find someone who will see the beauty and art of my dance.

Belly dancing does not discriminate.

I'm a belly dancer but I don't tell anyone because they will never believe me- it's because I'm fat ..

There's a big difference.

People assume that because I'm a belly dancer I'm a stripper. News flash belly dance was made for woman empowerment. Back then it was the only way for woman to do something for themselves in Egypt

They come in all shapes and sizes.

When I say I'm a belly dancer, people always assume I'm skinny. It's about being fit, not skinny.