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True Confessions From 19 People Recovering From Self Harm
It's not easy when you're suffering from mental health issues and disorders. For those who self harm, it can be a never-ending cycle. The reason behind why some people self harm varies from individual to individual. However one thing is for sure, it's hard to kick and the pain can become addicting. These people on the road to recovery are sharing their raw, honest and inspiring confessions. If you or someone you know self harms, remember that there is always another way to deal with pain besides hurting yourself physically.


I'm wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt today. Self-harm recovery is a pretty great feeling

We all have a past.

I don't self harm anymore, but I don't mind seeing my scars. They show what I've been through

Old habits die hard.

I've recovered from self harm, but that doesn't stop me from wanting a relapse once in a while.

One day at a time, they say.

One year clean from self harm today. Like any addiction, the urge is still there. But I'm stronger now. I'm proud of myself.

It does get better.

I used to self harm daily. It's been a month without even picking up a razor, and I've never been more relieved.

A healthy motivator.

Climbing is the reason I don't self harm anymore. I'm terrified of getting hurt because I'm not sure what I'd do if I couldn't climb.