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20 Nightmare Traveling Experiences That Got SO Expensive
Despite how much you spend or how much planning you put into a trip, sometimes traveling just turns into a disaster. These wanderlusts sacrificed their coin for a fun trip only to be greatly disappointed. See what went wrong in these terrible travel confessions.


I once travelled across the country for a date and he catfished me

Not so gorgeous after all, huh?

Went to Mexico for spring break. Expensive ass hotel. Me and my friend passed out with 3 very gorgeous very naked women. Almost as naked as my wallet when I came to. 3k gone. Lessons learned.


I went to Whistler, BC. We spent 10k on adventures. A snowboarder fell off a cliff above me and knocked me out. I woke up 3 days later.

Way too steep!

Went to Iceland. Paid $20 for a water bottle.... Most expensive country by far. Cut my vacation short by 3 weeks. Everything was just crazy expensive!!

Not cool.

I went to visit my best friend in Florida 3 years ago. It was her idea for me to come for 2 weeks. It was the worst 2 weeks of my life. She was a total bitch to me the whole time.

Lost in translation.

Went to Canada on a bus tour because they speak English there. Ended up being a Chinese bus tour. It was the worst!