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Think Your Headaches Are Bad? Try Living With Suicide Headaches
With cluster headaches comes severe pain that can last for days, weeks or even months. This phenomenon is also known as a suicide headache because the level of pain you experience is so much worse than your typical headache or even migraine that some people even contemplate suicide. These people reveal their real-life struggles with the rare disorder. Find out what it's like dealing with the excruciating pain in these honest confessions.

Cluster headaches are agonizing.

I have a condition called "cluster headaches", also known as suicide headaches because they're so bad people contemplate suicide. I hide them from my family to keep them happy.

They're more than your typical head pain.

I always refer to my cluster headaches by the less common name "Horton's neuralgia." They aren't regular headaches or even migraines. They are a straight up attack on your nerves.

Or migraine.

Cluster Headaches are hell. 
Never tell someone who has them "yeah,  I have migraines too. " 
They are NOT the same.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

I woke up yesterday to my room mate panicking and calling my parents. I forgot to tell him about my cluster headaches, and apparently I had hit my head on the wall so many times that I passed out...

No one seems to listen to you.

Cluster headaches SUCK! Easy fix at an ER if they would just listen to the patient who knows what has worked perfectly in the past: migraine shot and 20 minutes on oxygen. God forbid I know my body.

The pain is on another level.

Cluster headaches are the WORST!!! I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.