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My Mom Is A Hoarder And I Don't Know What To Do
Imagine coming home to visit your parents only to be greeted by 4ft tall piles of clothes strewn about your living room, stacks upon stacks of old books and magazines almost touching the ceiling, and piles of trash covering every inch of the floor. The sight might be pretty horrific, but now imagine the culprit of this mess being your mom or dad. Even scarier (and sadder) right? That’s exactly what happened to the people in the following Whispers whose parents turned out to be hoarders. Read on to learn what it was like dealing with the physical and emotional messes caused by their collecting.

Something as trivial as rotten food can set off your parent.

My dad is a hoarder. Taking down or throwing away useless things causes arguments. He once threw me to the floor for throwing away moldy cheese.
My mom is a hoarder. She doesn't know when to get rid of stuff. For example: she still has my third grade backpack. I'm 20.

Can you imagine having this much unused clothing?

My dad is a hoarder.
He has a pile of clothes in his room that's nearly 4ft.

He'll go out and buy more and says he'll tend to the pile growing at home but never does
My mom is a hoarder and I try to get rid of stuff while she's at work, but it's so overwhelming and there's only so much i can do. I feel trapped 😭

You know it's bad when other people get involved in getting rid of your parent's trash...

My dad is a hoarder... his girlfriend literally has to sneak styrofoam that he isn't going to use into the garbage....
My mom is a hoarder. Like the ones on tv. I get so anxious when visiting her. I think I got married so quickly because I think it was making me panic more so than normal now.