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FML: I Got An STD From A One Night Stand
For many sexually active people, a big fear of theirs is to contract an STD. These unfortunate people caught and STD while having a one night stand. The agony, embarrassment, pain and regret are all expressed in these confessions. Mistakes happen, but safe sex is always the best kind of sex.

Double whammy!

I just found out I have herpes. I think I got it from the guy I got pregnant with after a one night stand.

Some people are just awful.

My first and last experience with a one night stand was awful. He gave me chlamydia and then tried to blame it on me. I knew for a fact it wasn't me.


I had my first one night stand, which also happened to be my first gay experience. 

I got herpes.

Live and learn.

I had chlamydia once. I got it from hooking up with my high school crush at our reunion. It's the only one night stand I truly regret, even though it meant I got to finally get with him 10 years later.


I was 35 and never had sex. Then I had a one night stand.  He gave me HIV.

Entering the dating scene with a bang!

I got herpes from my first one night stand after being in a 7 yr long relationship where we were each other's first. Who knew the single life would be so scary?