There's still substance.

I work in fashion and entertainment, it feels like everyone just sees the cool job and good looks and then gets terrified when there's a brain there. Like seriously, come on, I still catch pokemon.

Getting to the top isn't easy.

I worked extremely hard to get where I am but I can confidently say I'm a successful fashion designer and model. 💕

Clothes can be unforgiving.

I used to love working in fashion. 
Since having kids, I've realised that fashion doesn't love me back.

All about the bottom line.

I work in fashion and sometimes I tell people that outfit looks good when it doesn't so they buy something.

The possibilities are overwhelming.

I want to change my style but I don't know how.Which is crazy because I work in fashion.

That's crazy!

I work in fashion. 
I gave away about about $30,000 worth of clothes this week.

I feel so much lighter 🙂