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19 Fashion Employees Spill Their Surprising Industry Secrets
What is it like working the different fields in fashion? Every industry has their secrets, and fashion is no exception. These 19 employees open up about their surprising thoughts and experiences regarding their line of work. From photographers to designers, find out what they go through in these honest confessions.

Simple as that.

I'm a Fashion Photographer,

 That means I'm gonna decide if you are gonna look pretty or ugly in the picture.

Inspiration comes from unlikely places.

I'm a fashion designer that hasn't been published yet. I find  inspiration in songs. My fashion lines are called song titles and my clothing items are named song lyrics from that song

The struggle is real.

It's 1 am and I'm still sewing. 
#life as a fashion designer

Comes from the kindness of your heart.

I'm a fashion stylist, 'taking care' of a few models. After every show and photo shoot, they get free outfits. They still think it's the agencies or hosts but I'm the one actually buying them.

Other people don't get it.

My sister is a deadbeat high schooler with Cs and Ds but my parents still consider me the family failure since I work in fashion, not tech.

Looks can be deceiving.

I am a giant nerd. But I work in fashion. Nobody believes me anymore. All they see are the clothes