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Guys Tell All: What I Wish Women Understood About Us
As a woman, do you ever wish you could go inside the mind of a man? While you can't actually do that, you can get some perspective from guys themselves. Here are the 24 confessions from men who are sharing what they wish women knew. If you've wondered what guys are thinking, this is your chance to find out.

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It's nothing.

When we're asked "what are you thinking about?" And we reply "nothing." We are in fact, thinking about nothing.

Don't assume things.

Just take a compliment don't keep denying it and in some cases don't immediately assume it to be creepy or harassment

They're not always trying to be physical.

I wish more women understood that when I start a convo with them by saying "hi. How was your day?" Is not me trying to get in their pants, but just me trying to get to know them.

Love is a competition.

I wish women knew that it felt like a competition to win a girls heart. Y'all get asked out a lot and have men over you. And we always have to get more creative so u can notice us

Guessing doesn't work.

When you are mad at us, don't make us guess. 9 times out of10 we have no idea what's wrong and it's probably just a misunderstanding. We want you to just tell us.
That your ultra-subtle hints almost never get noticed
Understand that just because I decide to play my PS4 doesn't mean that I hate you & want to break up. I shouldn't have to give up things like that just because I'm in a relationship or ask permission.
That when we are
Upset, not to 
Immediately try and help
Let us cool off, we don't want to end up saying something stupid and hurt you as well.

No mind games.

That we know when you're testing us, we hate your little mind games and... Find it incredibly pitiful and immature.

Why do they always have to be the big spoon?

We want to be the little spoon sometimes.

You're not the only one who has been hurt.

That we've been treated poorly by people in our past too. Girls aren't always the victim at the end of a relationship.

They can't help you with makeup.

I have no idea if your makeup is okay.

No, you're not fat.

Unless you're literally obese we probably don't think you're fat.

Leave it be.

For me it's that there are some things that can't be fixed. So don't try to help to make things better.  

Sometimes situations are just how they are, so leave it be.

Don't send mixed signals.

The fastest way to lose a man is if you beg him to be open and emotionally vulnerable with you, but then treat him like he's weak or "less of a man" after seeing those insecurities and doubts.

Men come in all shapes and sizes.

We dont all look like vikings fresh off the boat with big muscles height and beards.
And us short skinny dudes with baby faces need love too

Connection is important.

That sex isn't our only goal and often it's just what we need to connect properly where words don't work

Make the first move.

That sometimes, it would be great if she'd just make the first move if she's interested.

Being a man is tough.

That the Man's emotional world is lonely and harsh.

We can't express ourselves without ridicule or being seen as weak.
With all the feminism going around. Women think men have it easy. They don't understand the pressure that's placed on our shoulders and what we have to live up to.


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