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21 Babysitters You Would Never Want To Watch Your Children
You love your children and being away from them is hard, but necessary when you can't be with them 24/7. So while you're away you hire a babysitter who you feel you can trust to ensure the safety of your precious prides of joy. But what really goes on when the door closes behind you? Is there something the babysitter isn't telling you? These 21 babysitters are revealing what really goes on when the parents are away.

These babysitters are spilling all of their secrets.

I teach my 2 year old niece curse words whenever I babysit her because I find cursing babies hilarious and my sister still hasn't figured it's me.
I babysit for rich kids so when they leave for school I hurry up and finish all my work just so I can play all their video games because 
I can't afford them.


When I babysit I can't wait to put the kids to bed so I can raid the fridge
Sometimes I take a fat bong rip before going to my job as a nanny
When the kid I babysit falls asleep I go to the kitchen and eat his gummy vitamins
My secret, I'm a babysitter and I frequently eat the snacks that are meant for the kids only 😋