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17 People Who Got Friend Zoned SO Hard
When you have feelings for someone, the last place you want to be is in the friend zone. While some people manage to worm their way out of that awkward space and onto a romantic relationship, others are not so fortunate. These 17 people are so deep in the friend zone that there's no hope of them ever getting out. Read on to find out if you're in the same boat.

Can't complain.

I'm so far in the friend zone that she sends me nudes before she sends them to her bf to make sure they are good.

Not even mad.

Oh no...

I'm so far in the friend zone, he'll fart in front of me so he doesn't have to in front of other women.


I'm so far in the friend zone my best friend called to tell me that "We" finally have a boyfriend....


I'm so deep in the friend zone that I have to meet every guy she starts dating and "approve" of him.


I'm so far in the friend zone she had sex with me just so I could give her tips on how to better please this guy she likes. 


What a letdown.

When I asked you to be MY date to the wedding I thought that would get us out of the friend zone, I didn't think you'd have me  playing your wingwoman.