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These Girls Got Sweet Revenge On Their Cheating BFs
Being cheated on is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. It's the ultimate betrayal. You can't help but think that somehow you weren't good enough. You can mope and cry about it, but you can also get revenge...keep scrolling to find out how.

Become the hot ex.

I'm Plotting My Revenge To Become The Hottest Ex He's Ever Had. Just So  All His Friends Ask Why He Cheated On Me.
Jokes On Him.
Boyfriend cheated on me and left me for her.

Working on my revenge body, already lost 10 pounds over the past 3ish weeks!

Make them jealous.

Is it bad that I know my ex is super jealous of me and it makes me happy? He cheated on me so I feel like it's kind of revenge

Sleep with his best friend.

I dreamt about sleeping with my man's best friend last night. After finding out he cheated on me I can think of no better revenge.
My boyfriend cheated on me so I had sex with his best friend for revenge. His best friend has better sex than him.

Or with all his friends.

My ex boyfriend cheated on me and smashed my heart into a billion pieces. My revenge? Well, I smashed all five of his "bros"

Team up with the other woman.

Planning revenge in an ex who cheated on me..and its with the gal he cheated on me with
Boyfriend cheated. Now the girl who he cheated on me with are friends and gonna get revenge on him. Better watch out

Cheat back.

I cheated on my Ex w/a female... I guess it's nothing compared to the multiple times he cheated on me. But damnnn it felt good. Pleasure & revenge.
My boyfriend cheated on me while I'm on business trip I cheated back as a revenge

I never thought it will be great! One of the best!
My boyfriend cheated on me so I slept with another guy for revenge and now I feel like a slut

Keep your enemy close.

He wanted me back after he cheated on me. 
I said yes.
So I can plan my sweet sweet revenge.
I'm only with my boyfriend for revenge. he cheated on me, now it's my turn.

Blast their digits on Craigslist.

I put an ad on craiglist for a man seaking man and put my ex's number on there for revenge since he cheated on me

Make sure they see you.

left my exs apartment & made out with my friend infront of it & he saw all of it. dont even feel bad after he cheated on me more than once. sweet revenge.
After I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me, I made out with my best friend. She's a girl and I'm straight.
The things I do for revenge...

Get them to cheat on who they cheated on you with.

He cheated on me with her after 2 1/2 years. So I got him to cheat on her. I haven't told her. It's not worth my time. And it's sweet enough revenge to know she believes his lies - they're perfect for each other.

Set them up.

I just sent my ex some nude pictures. I feel kinda bad because he has a girlfriend but then I think about it as revenge when he cheated on me with her.

Sleep with the other woman.

My boyfriend cheated on me, I fucked the girl a week after... Feeling revenge flowing thru my body.


My boyfriend cheated on me and my revenge? 
To forgive him and do all things naked and he can't touch me until he gets tested. (:


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