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Former Subway Employees Speak Out On Why They Were Fired
Believe it or not, there are more Subway restaurants in America than there are McDonald's. If you think about it, they really are on every corner. Somehow they are just everywhere despite yoga mat bread controversies and Jared turning out to be a complete creep. They are supposed to be a healthier alternative to the typical fast food joint. But when you read how easy it is to get let go, you might rethink eating there anytime soon.

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Careful mixing work and play.

I was a manager at a Subway. I started dating my employee. I got fired but we've been married for 3 years and have a 2 year old. Worth it.

What the...

I work at Subway and I HATE THAT JOB. I went from being fired, to suspended, to "oh we're just training" in less than a week. Still trying to figure out what I did wrong.


I got fired from subway for putting bacon in the seafood mix. The Muslim cab drivers never knew.
I was fired from subway for calling a customer fat
I got fired at subway for throwing a sandwich  in a mans face because he made me remake it twice;)


I got fired at subway because i didn't cover someones shift...

Sounds like management is seriously clueless.

I work at subway and I've gotten fired 4 times. I keep coming back and they don't say anything.

What the...?!


I got fired from Subway because some idiot threatening me with a knife and I was told I made it a hostile work environment


Went back to a subway I used to work for (but was fired because I refused to put new labels on old food) and it was shut down with a hazmat crew. 
You know that feeling when you win?

Can you really blame them?

I got fired from Subway for not wearing my hat.

What an awful manager...

I got fired from subway yesterday with the reasoning of "I don't have time to train you"
This was literally my first food business job and NEEDED training. But instead of working with me to learn, they just fired me. 
Why even hire me then? Uhg

Give people a break...

I got fired from Subway for calling in on a family emergency(my sister was in the ICU; the lower halves of her lungs collapsed) & for requesting 3 days off for my 2 year old niece's chemotherapy.
Got fired for a no call no show today at subway. Called in and told them I had no sitter...had no write ups before hand. Called corporate subway in Sparta is getting shut down😌 for a mice problem🐭

Who wants sick people handling food?!?!

Apparently if you work for Subway restaurants, they can fire you for being sick.

I'm sick and without a job now
I worked for a Subway 10-11 years ago as a key holder. Stomach flu so bad I was running at both ends and couldn't even make a sandwich. Still had to come in, still got fired for it.

Subway can be seriously skimpy with the food sometimes.

I worked at Subway and was let go because persons actually wanted more vegetables.

Ok, you shouldn't be doing that at work...

i was fired from subway for rolling a joint on the prep table.

Talk about bias...

Worked at my local subway. 3 months into the job my dad broke up with his gf, who knew my boss. So she convinced my boss I was stealing, who believed her. So it was quit or be fired, so I quit.
I got fired from subway because the manager's brother who also worked there didn't like me. Just ask not to work with me!

Worker's comp!!!

I was fired for accidentally cutting a good chunk of my finger off at subway... it ended up getting infected and I missed one day to get it fixed they wrote me up for the cut then fired me 2days later


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