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11 Job Interview Wins That Got People Hired On The Spot
"I brought a box and said, 'You see this box? Well I think outside of it.'"

Interview for a nursing home with an olderish lady accidentally said "yeah I have expirence with the elderly my moms like 59" 😅
There was water and a cup, I filled it and it spilled and the guy looked at me like wtf

I said "I always give 110%"
Told the boss my criminal records were squeaky clean.  He laughed so hard. Got the job.
Interviewed at pizza hut and said "I won't steal any pizza since Im gluten free." and the manager couldn't stop laughing.
I was at an interview for a steel shop. One of the requirements was had to be able to lift upto 100lbs. I lifted his entire desk. It was roughly 250lbs.
I'm a veterinary technician...when the vet asked how many pets I have, I replied with "None. I don't really like animals." 
Hired on the spot through tears of laughter.