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19 Times Running Into A Former Teacher Was So Awkward
"I saw my old gym teacher at the beach in a Speedo."

When I was 14 I actually bullied one of my teacher until she quit her job. Two months later I saw her crying in her car. Now I'm 24 and I'm still ashamed of myself
I saw my old P.E teacher working at McDonald's and he hid behind the grill when he saw me staring at him
I saw my old gym teacher at the beach in a Speedo. I am officially traumatized.
I saw my 8th grade English teacher at Disneyland i thought this place was supposed to make me happy
My former teacher was fired for sexually harrasing students. Today I saw him being interviewed for a teaching job at my uni. No way in hell am I being silent about what he is.
Saw a math teacher from middle school today... Told him i still dont have my homework