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These Men Were Shamed For Not Wanting Kids
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Yep. My Dad actually told me "Don't make me adopt my own grandson." He's an asshole. Maybe you should have had more than one kid then, dad.
Plenty of men and women I'm sure, and probably often by parents who expect grandkids lol. Not your body, not your relationship, not your life, not your CHILD, not your choice.
Me, I won’t be good as a provider or as a father. I need to accept that and not bring a life into this world that would be a burden.
Besides there are too many people on earth
I don't understand why people feel the need to shame for that. Everyone has there reasons.
I get shamed for not wanting a second kid. I'm just like "one hell spawn is enough for me." my kid is actually well behaved..
I’ve been shamed for wanting to adopt kids instead of doing by means of sexual intercourse.

Adoption gave me a much, much better life, I want to pass that on to someone else too.