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15 Exchange Students Talk About Life Away From Home
The opportunity to be an exchange student is one that many people would jump at. Who wouldn't want to travel to a foreign country and immerse themselves into the culture while furthering their education? However, displacing your life is not without its challenges, as these 15 people show. From homesickness to host family troubles, find out what they went through with their own experiences as an exchange student.


I'm an exchange student in Italy, and I didn't feel like going to school so I told my host mom I had senioritus. She thinks I'm actually sick.

Keeping in touch isn't easy.

I'm an exchange student. I used to have a lot of friends but, now 3 years into college I know who my true friends are.

The struggle.

I'm an exchange student and I miss my dog more than my family.

The creature comforts of home aren't available to you.

I've been playing piano for 8 years and I've been playing almost every day. Now, as an exchange student, it's not possible for me to play, since there is no 
piano. I feel empty.

The homesickness sets in.

I'm abroad as an exchange student for merely one week now. So almost 10 months to go.  It's cool here but I miss my little brother so much. It really hurts.

Socializing isn't easy.

I'm having the hardest time making friends at uni. I'm an exchange student from the US